Council Vote on Monday, May 6th


As you are aware, the budget goes for a final vote on Monday, May 6th. As I reported to you, aquatics did well in the Add/Delete session last Monday. However we have to keep in mind that there is a lot of pressure on Council to keep the tax increase to a minimum and to fund many crucial programs throughout the City. That may impact our final numbers.

Accordingly, I’m asking you all to do one final e-mail to City Council Members asking them to support funding for Aquatics. Many groups will be lobbying them over these last few days before the Monday vote. Let’s make sure they hear from us also.

I will send a message from AAA, but again, nothing means more than individual messages from voters on a specific issue. Please send that last e-mail. Thank Council for their interest in helping Aquatics and ask them to ensure that adequate funding is included in the approved budget. In addition, you can remind them, if you want, that our group is committed to raising private sector funds to help offset some of the costs of the aquatics. But we need to show the City’s commitment before we can ask private sector sources to donate funds.

We are coming to the end of this budget cycle. Including money in the budget is critical to a successful improvement in our pools. Please take the 5 minutes to send off that message.

As a reminder, you can e-mail all Council members at the same time by searching for “Mayor and City Council, Alexandria, VA”. On that home page, there is a link to e-mail all Members with just one message.

Many on the Board will be at the Council meeting Monday night to see if the money is approved. We will send out a notice Monday night or Tuesday morning (depends how late the meeting goes). If we receive positive news, we will start on the fund raising immediately.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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