An Update on AAA Progress So Far and a Look Ahead

As we near April 22 and the Spring2ACTion day of giving, we thought that it would be a good time to update everyone on what we as a group have accomplished in the last three years.

o  Three years ago, the City Manager recommended virtually no capital investment in our pools.  Three were closed; he recommended a fourth for immediate closure, and was satisfied to let the others continue to deteriorate.  By banding together into AAA, we were able to not only counter that outcome, but also to persuade City Council to invest $23 million in capital funds for pools.

o  AAA has been able to keep Warwick open for the past two summers when the City wanted to close it to save money.

o  AAA has been able to change the mindset of the City so that it now wants to improve our pools rather than close them.

o  The City Council is on the verge of approving a brand new pool at Warwick.  This has the potential to be a state-of-the-art stainless steel pool.  While we will see Warwick closed temporarily, we can anticipate a new pool and renovated bathhouse within 15 to 18 months.  Thanks to you all!

o  The City has listened to AAA about Chinquapin.  Rather than abandoning the 50-meter pool planned there due to a surprising increase in the cost estimate, it is following the recommendations of AAA by looking at ways to cut costs in the proposed design, either through reducing the cost of the brick-and-mortar building approach or by looking at new concepts for a pool building such as a structured membrane.  Again, this innovative thinking was prompted by the combined efforts of AAA members.

All of this advocacy requires support.  We need to embark on an even higher level of fund-raising to reach our goal of $2.5 million in private-sector funding.  Any amount that you can give at Spring2ACTion on April 22 will allow AAA to build on its successes and achieve our mission of better pools for all Alexandrians. Thank you!

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