Chairman’s Update – June 25, 2015

Group: Just wanted you to know that your organization has been working hard. Carolyn has spearheaded an effort to get Alexandria involved in the USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash Program – designed to help kids learn to swim with particular emphasis on minority kids. The City and the Potomac Marlins are our partners in that effort.

To help kick it off, we decided to try to hook it up with an effort to get kids from the closed Warwick pool area over to swim at the Old Town pool this summer. After much discussion with the Mayor, the City staff, and the Alexandria Transit Authority (the DASH system), we arrived at a plan to provide free bus service between the affected areas and the Old Town pool for July and August. To do that we needed to raise $15,000 to offset lost revenue for DASH during the service hours. That was accomplished in one week’s time due to the generosity of Alexandria businesses and other organizations (including $1,000 from AAA and another $1,000 from the Warwick Village Citizens Association).

The bus route selected – the AT10 – goes from Potomac Yards through Arlandria, Warwick, Del Ray, and Rosemont to the King Street Metro (a couple of minute walk from the pool). The free service hours are from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. To make it as easy as possible for riders and for DASH to administer, we elected to have all riders use the bus for free during those hours. That means that all residents in the affected areas can use that bus route to do a number of things – get to and from the pool, use the Duncan Library, visit shops in Del Ray, travel to Metro, get to the stores at Potomac Yards, etc. We felt that would make it a little easier to raise the funds needed.

There will be a kick-off event on Tuesday, June 30th, at 11:00 am at the Old Town pool with the Mayor formally announcing the program. Everyone in AAA is invited if you have the time.

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