Chairman’s Update – August 21, 2015

As AAA had advocated previously, the City needs to do more to maximize use of the Cameron Run Wave Pool. The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority runs it and wants to renew the existing lease for another 30 years because they want to add more slides there. They also require a special use permit (SUP) for the slides. Some months ago, AAA members suggested the possibility of a 50-meter pool there in exchange for the lease renewal and the SUP. The Park and Recreation Commission listened and recommended that City Council hold off action until more study could be done.

The Park Authority just submitted a revised proposal, along with a study of alternatives, to the City. It is shown below. One alternative involves a 50-meter pool. You will note that all three alternatives include the elimination of the current Wave Pool. We don’t endorse that – instead AAA prefers an alternative of adding a 50-meter pool to the current operation.

There is a lot that needs to be done before any serious action can be considered for this proposal. Consideration also needs to be given to continuing with the 50-meter pool at Chinquapin due to its central location and proximity to TC, but the proposal deserves serious consideration. We’ll be back to you with more information as things develop.

08-19-2015_Nova Parks Update (pdf)

Memo to Council re_NOVA Parks Proposal to Acquire 517 Prince Street – with Attachments (pdf)

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