In the news: Alexandria Times on Alexandria Aquatics

From the Alexandria Times on September 3, 2015:

Joint Aquatics Venture Between City of Alexandria and Arlington County Under Consideration

Excerpt quoting AAA Chair Bill Rivers:

Rivers, too, said he is unconvinced by the proposal, especially if it involves Alexandria taxes subsidizing a pool at Long Bridge. He said that if there can be a way to ensure the relationship is as balanced and fair as possible, perhaps even expanding it to all recreation facilities, it could work well.

“Our thinking was, we wanted more reciprocity, more of an equal footing where maybe they would invest in the Alexandria 50-meter pool or whatever,” Rivers said. “Work with Arlington, like the library systems. Why not have Arlington and Alexandria recognize resident passes — we can use their aquatics facilities, they can use ours — and even expand it to all recreation facilities.

“We have [the Kelley Cares] Miracle Field [at the Nannie J. Lee Recreation Center] that Arlington doesn’t have that is used for special needs kids. It would be great to have them come over and use it, and similarly maybe we could use some of their new facilities in Long Bridge.”

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