Alexandria Times survey results

The aquatics public has spoken! The Alexandria Times survey questioning whether Alexandrians wanted to spend money on a new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin was completed yesterday with a resounding vote of 76% in favor of the spending on the new pool. Proof once again how important it is to have this new pool. Thanks to the many, many people who voted in support of the pool. Another step forward!!

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  1. Linda Dorfman

    Location, location! Please consider the location for the new lap-pool! We have nothing in downtown Old Town for the working, commuting population who swim laps. Families, the unemployed and the elderly have bus access to both the YMCA in Del Ray as well as Chinquapin – both pools can accommodate these sectors within their limited time schedules – but the commuting, working population has nothing! Chinquapin is located far from the downtown area for the commuter without a car and closes early. The Y utilizes half of their lap lanes to accommodate families and the handicapped population at night, which crowds swimmers in an already small-sized swimming pool. WE URGENTLY NEED ANOTHER LAP-POOL, BUT WE NEED IT BUILT IN DOWNTOWN OLD-TOWN!


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