Support for Chinquapin

Thank you to Frank Marcinkowski for submitting this letter of support!

Dear Alexandria City Budget Committee,

On behalf of our Adult Swim Team, Lane 4 Swimming, I would like to give our highest level of support for the proposed 50M Aquatic Complex.

I am the Head Coach for Lane 4 Swimming.  With nearly 1,000 members, we are the largest Masters swimming team in the US by a wide margin. Though our dozen practice facilities are spread throughout Northern Virginia and NW DC, the geographic center of our team and a majority of our membership base resides within Alexandria City. Consequently, our greatest number of workouts and our largest member participation at any one facility is at Chinquapin, where we immensely enjoy the clean facilities, the expert management of the pool and associated aquatics programs, and a most friendly and professional staff. We cannot say enough good things about Chinquapin, and also Cameron Street outdoor pool, as the training hub for our entire team. In fact, our only limitation to significantly more growth of our program is the availability of lane space and time at the Chinquapin facility, which is quite limited in the fall, winter and spring.

The prospects of a 50 meter aquatics complex is very appealing to Lane 4 Swimming. Not only would we immediately commit to becoming one of the facility’s largest users on a daily basis, but we would gladly host local, regional and National competitions at the proposed facility were it to be built. The hosting of such meets would provide major exposure of the facility to local swimmers throughout DMV, and the addition of thousands of adult competitors from the region and throughout the U.S. would further contribute to the feasibility of the facility, as well as the greater economic activity of the City of Alexandria.

So in recognition of tonight’s 2017 budget meetings, and on behalf of Lane 4 Swimming and our many Alexandria City residents, I would like to give you our highest endorsement for the proposed 50M pool complex.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide any additional details or justification on our strongest support for the 50M pool complex.

Best regards,
Frank Marcinkowski
Head Coach L4S
Chair of the Coaches Committee for the Potomac Valley LMSC

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