We’re on our way!!

Good news! The City Council approved the FY 2017 budget last night. It includes the funding to build a new community pool at Warwick (to be built in 2017) and $4.5 million for the design contract for the 50-meter multipurpose pool at Chinquapin (to be built in 2018). It also includes a new pool at Old Town (Cameron Street) in FY 2022. We’re on our way to a brighter future for aquatics in Alexandria.

Much of the thanks goes to you all who did such a great job lobbying City Council and representing the aquatic community so well! You made people realize the importance of aquatics for a healthy lifestyle and the need for new and better pools for the residents of Alexandria to use. Your efforts will allow us to realize our goal of every kid in Alexandria learning how to swim!

You did a great job! Our efforts do not end here however. We need to continue our fund raising and our cooperation with the City to ensure that the best pools possible are built for our use.

But take a minute and realize how far we have come – from virtually no capital investment in aquatics three years ago to almost $30 million in new pools on the horizon.

A job well done.

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