Progress on Chinquapin Feasibility Study Process

City staff evaluated bids for the Feasibility Study for the 50-meter pool at Chinquapin with the expectation of awarding a contract early this month.  The contractor is expected to issue its recommendation regarding a 50-meter pool by early January as the first step of the contract.  The study of other aspects of the new pools at Chinquapin will follow in later contract steps.

Swimming in September

At the conclusion of the traditional summer swimming season on Labor Day, the City offered additional swimming time by keeping the Old Town pool open through much of September.  From all reports, it was a great success.  There was good attendance and a lot of good swimming days.  And all of it was free!  A very nice gesture by the City to its swimming community.  AAA would love to see it again next year.

City Finalizes $22.5 Million for Aquatics in CIP Included in 2013-2014 Budget

The Alexandria City Council passed the City’s annual budget last night, including $22.5 million for aquatics in the city. City Council’s approved Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) reserves $17 million in 2016 and 2017 for bringing two pools, including one 50-meter pool, to Chinquapin Rec Center.

AAA is trying to determine the final amounts included in the CIP for a feasibility study and additional pools. The plan includes either $500,000 or $600,000 in 2014 for a feasibility study. The plan also includes either $4.4 million or $5 million in 2018 for additional pools.

The City is relying on the private sector to raise $5 million to build the additional pools. The inclusion of some funds for additional pools allows AAA a stable platform — a demonstration of the City’s commitment to aquatics — to begin fundraising.

AAA would like to thank the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager, and City Staff for committing to the future of aquatics in Alexandria.