The Summer Swimming Season is Officially Open!!

Mayor Allison Silberberg officially kicked off the start to the summer outdoor swimming season on Saturday, May 28th at the Old Town Pool. She greeted the first swimmers with remarks reminding them about how much fun swimming can be, but also a caution that everyone should know how to swim. If you don’t, sign up for swimming lessons provided by the City.

After officially opening the doors to the pool, the Mayor jumped in the water herself to give some informal swimming lessons to interested kids. And then played water basketball with some other kids to show what a complete athlete she is!!

Check out the pictures taken by the RedBrickTown staff to view the opening ceremony!

AAA will post a video of the event shortly.

Enjoy the fun and the sun at your City pools this summer!

mayorsilberbergpool Photo credit: Alexandria Times

poolopening2-2016 Photo credit: Laura Fries

PRESS RELEASE – Summer Kick Off Event

Mayor Silberberg to Kick Off Alexandria’s Summer Outdoor Swim Season

In anticipation of the rainy days giving way to summer sun, join Mayor Allison Silberberg and Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics at Old Town Pool on May 28 to kick off the 2016 summer outdoor swim season.

“This event will officially launch Alexandria’s summer outdoor swim season at Old Town Pool. Every summer thousands of Alexandrians enjoy the cool water and open spaces of Old Town Pool, and 2016 will be the best summer yet,” said Bill Rivers, Chairman of the Board, Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics.

Old Town Pool includes a 25-yard pool with a diving well. A separate training pool is available for children up to 42 inches in height. Easily accessible for disabled, the training pool has a water depth range of 1-3 feet. For added convenience, a parking lot, picnic area and a tot playground are adjacent to the pool.

With its range of accessible facilities, the Old Town Pool facility hosts kids of all ages, recreational swimmers, Masters’ swim teams, birthday parties and family events in a safe and fun manner.

“With construction about to begin to renovate the public pool at Warwick Village and the City Council’s recent vote to approve $4.5 million for the new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin Recreation Center, the passion for aquatics has never been stronger in Alexandria,” said Rivers. “The summer of 2016 will be a wonderful time to enjoy Old Town Pool, located in the heart of our great community.”

What: Kick off of Alexandria’s Summer Outdoor Swim Season
Where: Old Town Pool, 1609 Cameron St., (Cross St.: Harvard)
When: Saturday May 28, 2016 at 12 p.m.
Featuring: Mayor Allison Silberberg and Bill Rivers, Chairman of the Board, Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics


Bill Rivers

The First Downpayment for the 50-meter Pool


Here are the officers of your AAA Board of Directors presenting the first check for private sector funds for the 50-meter pool at Chinquapin. Jim Spengler and Laura Durham are receiving the check on behalf of the City. These dollars represent what so many of you donated on the recent Spring2Action day in April. Your contributions form the first building block of the private sector portion of that new pool. Well done!

Photo credit: Chris Teale, Alexandria Times

Read the article from the Alexandria Times (pdf)


On May 5, the Alexandria City Council voted to allocate $4.5 million to begin the design work for the new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin Aquatics and Recreation Center. This is a historic step forward in the City of Alexandria’s plans for a new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin Aquatics and Recreation Center.

Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics (AAA) applauds the ongoing leadership of Mayor Silberberg and the City Council and their commitment to improving the aquatics infrastructure in our community.

Equally noteworthy is the passion for aquatics shared by so many in the Alexandria community. Hundreds of Alexandrians have joined this effort and have generously provided their time, expertise and financial support. Their commitment has been instrumental in demonstrating the need for improved aquatics facilities in Alexandria.

Says Bill Rivers, chair of the AAA board of directors, “AAA will continue working with the City and the community to ensure that Alexandria has a new pool that serves all residents, provides swim lessons for all those who want to gain an important life-saving skill and is built in a manner that fits within the City’s budget.”

As further evidence of the City’s commitment to improving aquatics, this budget includes $2.1 million for a new community pool in Warwick in 2017 and proposed spending for a renovation of the deteriorating Old Town pool in 2022.

With the City’s financial commitment in place, AAA will begin its efforts in earnest to raise private sector funds to supplement those from the City to build the best 50-meter pool possible. AAA is committed to securing $2.5 million of private sector funding by the time construction of the pool begins in 2018.

Anticipating the Council vote, AAA raised $5,000 during April’s Spring2Action for the new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin. AAA is presenting a check for that amount to the City as a good faith gesture that more private sector funding can be raised with the City funding now assured.

In another indication of the power of the budget vote, the Potomac Riverboat Company has just pledged a donation for the new pool.

Adds Rivers, “With the City’s financial commitment to the new pool a reality, donors such as the Potomac Riverboat Company are now willing to pledge private sector dollars to supplement the City funds.”


Bill Rivers

We’re on our way!!

Good news! The City Council approved the FY 2017 budget last night. It includes the funding to build a new community pool at Warwick (to be built in 2017) and $4.5 million for the design contract for the 50-meter multipurpose pool at Chinquapin (to be built in 2018). It also includes a new pool at Old Town (Cameron Street) in FY 2022. We’re on our way to a brighter future for aquatics in Alexandria.

Much of the thanks goes to you all who did such a great job lobbying City Council and representing the aquatic community so well! You made people realize the importance of aquatics for a healthy lifestyle and the need for new and better pools for the residents of Alexandria to use. Your efforts will allow us to realize our goal of every kid in Alexandria learning how to swim!

You did a great job! Our efforts do not end here however. We need to continue our fund raising and our cooperation with the City to ensure that the best pools possible are built for our use.

But take a minute and realize how far we have come – from virtually no capital investment in aquatics three years ago to almost $30 million in new pools on the horizon.

A job well done.