Support for Chinquapin

Thank you to Frank Marcinkowski for submitting this letter of support!

Dear Alexandria City Budget Committee,

On behalf of our Adult Swim Team, Lane 4 Swimming, I would like to give our highest level of support for the proposed 50M Aquatic Complex.

I am the Head Coach for Lane 4 Swimming.  With nearly 1,000 members, we are the largest Masters swimming team in the US by a wide margin. Though our dozen practice facilities are spread throughout Northern Virginia and NW DC, the geographic center of our team and a majority of our membership base resides within Alexandria City. Consequently, our greatest number of workouts and our largest member participation at any one facility is at Chinquapin, where we immensely enjoy the clean facilities, the expert management of the pool and associated aquatics programs, and a most friendly and professional staff. We cannot say enough good things about Chinquapin, and also Cameron Street outdoor pool, as the training hub for our entire team. In fact, our only limitation to significantly more growth of our program is the availability of lane space and time at the Chinquapin facility, which is quite limited in the fall, winter and spring.

The prospects of a 50 meter aquatics complex is very appealing to Lane 4 Swimming. Not only would we immediately commit to becoming one of the facility’s largest users on a daily basis, but we would gladly host local, regional and National competitions at the proposed facility were it to be built. The hosting of such meets would provide major exposure of the facility to local swimmers throughout DMV, and the addition of thousands of adult competitors from the region and throughout the U.S. would further contribute to the feasibility of the facility, as well as the greater economic activity of the City of Alexandria.

So in recognition of tonight’s 2017 budget meetings, and on behalf of Lane 4 Swimming and our many Alexandria City residents, I would like to give you our highest endorsement for the proposed 50M pool complex.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide any additional details or justification on our strongest support for the 50M pool complex.

Best regards,
Frank Marcinkowski
Head Coach L4S
Chair of the Coaches Committee for the Potomac Valley LMSC

You did it! Spring2Action 2016

We had a goal of $2,000 for Spring2Action and you and all the other aquatics lovers in Alexandria broke that goal – shattered it – by donating $5,000!

What a great message to send to our kids out there that need more pool space – and particularly those that need to learn to swim – you have a whole community that is supporting you! We got donations large and small from a variety of individuals, including parents from several of our swim teams.

Great job! And now on to the May 5th City Council vote where the City will look to approve the first of its dollars for the 50-meter pool at Chinquapin as well as for Warwick, Old Town, and other pool projects.

Fuel the Pool!!

Aquatics Community Springs to Action!

The aquatics community has been showing it’s support during Spring2Action today. Keep those donations coming! We’re racing toward our goal!

Remember to join AAA at Holy Cow on Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 p.m. to celebrate Spring2Action and learn more about the new pool at Chinquapin. Mention AAA (#190) and 25 cents of your meal will be donated to AAA. The nonprofit with the most mentions on Wednesday wins $500!


Today is the day! Spring2Action!

Spring2Action today – $50 toward a 50 meter pool!
Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics believes the community and City can work together to build extraordinary pools in Alexandria. Today is a great day to show your support, as we work towards raising $2,000. Unite with the other Alexandrians who have already pledged to build safer pools, a healthier community, a more vibrant future and opportunities for all. Reaching the $2,000 milestone is important to us because it builds on the growing support AAA enjoys in the community.

Donations are already coming in! Add yours to help AAA reach the $2000 goal!

Spring2Action Today!


Save the date and Spring2Action on April 20th!

splashwithdash-106-100x100Swimming across a clear blue pool, feeling free and empowered. It’s almost like flying. Too many children in the City of Alexandria never experience it. An estimated 7,500 school-age children in Alexandria don’t know how to swim, and if they are lucky enough to know how, they don’t have affordable, accessible pools to visit. We can change that. We can give our community access to quality public pools for everyone–but we need your help.

Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics (AAA), a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the aquatics facilities in Alexandria, believes that access to quality public pools is a vital part of any community. In collaboration with the City, which has already identified $20 million, AAA has pledged to raise $2.5 million in private sector funds to build a new 50-meter multipurpose pool at Chinquapin Recreation Center.

Spring2ActionlogoTo reach our ultimate goal, we need community-driven action during Spring2Action on April 20th. Our goal of raising just $2,000 from individuals in the community during Spring2Action will help AAA to attract larger corporate gifts and grants needed to reach our $2.5 million goal. It’s easy. You can give online and your gift is tax-deductible.

Why support public pools? It’s a great investment.

  • Currently, in a city of 148,000, there is just one year-round aquatics facility and only two summer pools with limited hours.
  • Too many from our community are at risk for drowning because they lack basic water safety skills.
  • Public pools provide a wonderful place for families of all ages to gather and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • Up-to-date aquatics facilities allow folks of all backgrounds, abilities and incomes an affordable, comfortable, nurturing environment in which to learn or simply enjoy a life-saving skill.
  • If you build them, they will come. We believe attractive, well-maintained facilities are vital to the health and well-being of our community.
  • Swimming is a lifelong activity that promotes dedication, teamwork and sportsmanship. Water therapy and other aquatic activities promote healing and longevity.

We’ve already seen results from our efforts!

  • In just a short time, AAA has worked with the city to rebuild Warwick pool, a once crumbling facility on the verge of permanent closure. The newly rebuilt pool, which will open in 2017, will serve the growing number of families and children in the Warwick, Del Ray, Arlandria and North Ridge neighborhoods.
  • AAA partnered with DASH bus services, sponsors and the city to provide free bus service from the East End of Alexandria to Old Town Pool in summer 2015 so that our under-served population could enjoy outdoor swimming.
  • AAA has played an integral role in bringing the City of Alexandria into USA Swimming Foundation’s Make A Splash initiative to provide learn-to-swim opportunities to minority children.

And our work will not be done with the new 50-meter pool at Chinquapin. We pledge, in partnership with the City of Alexandria, to:

  • Improve existing facilities at Chinquapin and Old Town Pool, and
  • Build a therapeutic pool at the Lee Center.

fuelthepoolovalLet’s keep our city healthy. Let’s get the vibrant pools our city deserves. Please give today.

A suggested $50 donation will get you our custom AAA “Fuel the Pool” car magnet. That’s $50 for a 50-meter pool at Chinquapin. That’s $50 to get 50 more kids to learn water safety. Invest in the health of our city. Help us Fuel the Pool so that our community enjoys the benefits of extraordinary aquatics facilities.

Mark your calendar for Spring2Action on April 20, 2016!