ACT Meeting on Tax Exempt Status

Melynda and Bill represented AAA in a meeting with John Porter to discuss AAA’s possible involvement in ACT

An initial meeting had been held last year to find out what ACT was.  This meeting was designed to explore in more detail the possible use of ACT by AAA in its aquatics initiative.  Melynda and Bill had their own questions about various aspects of how ACT operated, as well as questions raised by other AAA members who were unable to attend.  The highlights of the meeting were:


Arlington Challenges

As you may have seen already, Arlington has had challenges arise regarding its proposed Long Bridge Aquatic Facility.  The first issue was a steep upward revision to operating cost estimates for the facility – going from around $1 million to close to $4 million per year.

On top of that, they have just cancelled their procurement document for the facility because bids came in significantly higher than planned/budgeted for.  They will re-evaluate their effort and see what changes can be done to make the facility more realistic.

Please see this article for more information.

Wahoos Honored

On January 14th, the City Council issued a proclamation honoring the success of the Wahoo swim team last summer.  The City’s only public recreational swim team – and the only public team in their 24-team-Northern Virginia swimming league – finished undefeated.  As further evidence of their success, they set over 50 personal best records in the division races.

Two of AAA’s own – Dennis Burstein and Laura Fries – are the overall coach and team representative, respectively.  The Proclamation was presented by Mayor Bill Euille (a past sponsor of the team) and Council Member John Chapman (a past swimmer for the Wahoos).  An article from the Patch is linked below:

Wahoos Make Waves in City Hall

Progress on Chinquapin Feasibility Study Process

City staff evaluated bids for the Feasibility Study for the 50-meter pool at Chinquapin with the expectation of awarding a contract early this month.  The contractor is expected to issue its recommendation regarding a 50-meter pool by early January as the first step of the contract.  The study of other aspects of the new pools at Chinquapin will follow in later contract steps.